Yerly Fabian Martinez

Degree Program:
Ph.D. Student in Transport Engineering and Logistic
Bucaramanga, Colombia

Yerly was a visiting Ph.D. student from the Catholic University of Chile working on public transit and bus driver behavior with advisors Juan Carlos Muñoz and Felipe Delgado. He is visiting Georgia Tech for 7 months. He is also currently a researcher in Cedeus (Centro de Desarrollo Urbano Sustentable) and BRT Centre of Excellence.   

Yerly received my MS in Civil Engineer from Industrial University of Santander in Colombia and had been a professor in Colombia for five years of the subjects Traffic Engineer, Street Design and Modeling in Transport.

The main focus of his research is to determine how does consider bus drivers with different driving behaviors impact the performance of one public transport line and to determine the impact on headway regularity of considering homogeneous drivers in the control tools when they are actually not. His interests include transit planning and operations,  transit travel time reliability, headway control tool and urban mobility.