Simon Berrebi

Paris, France

Dr. SImon Berrebi is Postdoctoral Fellow and the Principal at DynamicTime. At Tech, he manages a research project on the causes of nation-wide transit ridership decline at the neighborhood level. Simon helps transit agencies implement open-source software to improve planning and operations. Simon earned his Ph.D. by developing a bus dispatching method that maximizes frequency, while maintaining stable headways, based on current operating conditions to avoid bus bunching and minimize passenger waiting time. He implemented the method on three high-frequency transit routes in Atlanta and San Antonio. Simon is also the founder of the MARTA Army, a grassroots 501(c)3 located in Atlanta, improving the ridership aboard MARTA. Simon serves as the Research Coordinator for TRB's Bus Transit Committee (AP050), Membership Chair for the Young Members Council, and as a member of the Atlanta Regional Commission's Transportation Equity Committee, and MARTA's Transit Expansion Committee.