Dr. Kari Watkins feature on Talking Headways Podcast

Dr. Kari Watkins joined Jeff Wood as a guest on the Talking Headways Podcast (StreetsBlog USA), a weekly podcast about sustainble transportation and design. 

In episode 207 (Waiting for the Ghost Bus), Kari discussed her research into the role of technology in the evolving transit experience, possible “dangerous futures ahead” such as zero-passenger vehicles and the “best future” of high capacity transit on dedicated right of way, fed by robust bike and sidewalk networks and TNCs for low density areas, all supported by timely information and payment – mobility as a service.

Download the podcast on Itunes, Sticher, or online: https://usa.streetsblog.org/2018/10/18/talking-headways-podcast-waiting-for-the-ghost-bus/