See UTIL at TRB 2014

Come check us out at the 93rd Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board in Washington, D.C. January 12-16, 2014!
Quantifying the impact of real-time vehicle location information on transit ridership
Candace Brakewood
Workshop 106 - Doctoral Student Research in Transportation Operations and Traffic Control
Sunday 9:00 am - Marriott Virginia A
Bridging the Digital Divide: Ensuring Information Equity in Social Media
Dr. Kari Watkins, Sarah Windmiller, Dr. Katharine M. Hunter-Zaworski (Oregon
State University)

Session 258 - Environmental Justice Issues
Monday 8:30 am - Hilton International Center

Best Practices for Transportation Agency Use of Social Media
Dr. Kari Watkins, Susan Bregman (Oak Square Resources, LLC)
Sesssion 263 - Transportation Issues and Solutions in Major Cities 
Monday 8:30 am - Hilton International Center
OneBusAway Multiregion: Rapidly Expanding Mobile Transit Apps to New Cities
Dr. Sean Barbeau (University of South Florida), Dr. Alan Borning (University of Washington), Dr. Kari Watkins
Session 325 - Innovative Approaches and Case Studies in Transit Management and Performance
Monday 10:45 am - Hilton International Center
An Analysis of Real-Time Commuter Rail Information in Boston
Candace Brakewood, Francisca Rojas (Inter-American Development Bank), P. Christopher Zegras (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Dr. Kari Watkins, Joshua K Robin (Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority), Jake A Sion (Veolia Transportation, Inc.), Samuel Jordan (University of Massachusetts, Amherst)
Session 326 - Light Rail and Commuter Rail Research
Monday 10:45 - Hilton International Center
Communication Technology Usage and Rider Experience: Case Study of St. Louis Metro
Sarah Windmiller, J. Todd Hennessy (St. Louis Metro), Dr. Kari Watkins
Session 358 - Public Transportation Marketing and Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction
Monday 1:30 pm - Hilton Columbia Hall 5
A Household-Level Pairwise Comparison of Targeted Marketing Data and Self-Reported Survey Data
Josephine Kressner, Margaret Carragher, Dr. Kari Watkins
Session 378 - Advances in Travel Survey Methods
Monday 2:00 pm - Hilton International Center
Constructing Improved Bicycle Maps: User Preferences and Comparative Analysis
Johann Weber, Aditi Misra, Alice Grossman, Giacomo Cernjul, Sean McTague, Dr. Kari Watkins, Dr. Randall Guensler
Session 523 - Bicyclists, Behavior, and Attitudes
Tuesday 8:30 am - Hilton International Center
Crowdsourcing and Its Applications in Transportation Planning
Aditi Misra, Aaron Gooze, Kari Watkins, Mariam Asad, Dr. Chris LeDantec
Conduct of Research Committee
Tuesday 10:30 am - Hilton Columbia Hall 3
A Case Study Analysis of New Fare Payment Systems in Public Transit
Joel Anders, Candace Brakewood, Dr. Kari Watkins
Session 638 - Transit Passenger Loyalty, Perceptions, and Behaviors
Tuesday 2:00 pm - Hilton International Center
Teaching Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation
Kari Watkins
Pedestrian and Bicycle University Education Subcommittee
Tuesday 3:45 pm - Hilton Northwest
Exploring the Use of Egocentric Online Social Network Data to Characterize Individual Air Travel Behavior
Thomas A. Wall
Aviation Economics and Forecasting Committee
Tuesday 5:45 pm - Shoreham Governors